F.U.N. - The Game

All I do is get drunk and high
I be f_cking n_gga's b_tches and they be mad as f_ck
They be like

Man f_ck you n_ggas
I rob you n_ggas
I kill you n_ggas
Cause I don't feel you n_ggas
I said f_ck you n_ggas
I rob you n_ggas
Don't make me kill you n_ggas
No I don't feel you n_ggas
Man f_ck you n_ggas

I told n_ggas in '05 I don;t f_ck with Maybachs
You wanna hate up, come outisde, just f_ckin' say that
Two things I learned, n_gga gotta stayed strapped
And n_ggas ain't goin' down without a Dr. Dre track
Black boy fly, n_ggas watch me grew
N_ggas studies my beefs and couldn't stomp my flow
(Cause I'm dangerous)
N_ggas think they f_cking with me
(Stop smoking angel dust)
N_ggas think they smoking on this chronic
(The same as us)
Come within (range of us)
Bullets (your brains are bust)
Ministers get shot, two of these n_ggas (came to us)
You broke your rent doing your b_tch want me
I'm off this OG kush and you the lil' homie
N_gga wanna borrow some weed, I got a lil' homie
Watch how I'm driving, can't let the double cup spill on me
Same block and stop snitchin', mother f_ckers still one me
G-Unit had a reunion


That's on Compton, you looked in the closet with a monster
I eat you alive (man f_ck you n_ggas)
It feel like Tommy Hilfiger, f_ck n_ggas I say it again
(Man f_ck you n_ggas)
I feel lke Remy Ma when she got out of the jail
Look back at the prison like (man f_ck you n_ggas)
And this time I'm going for the gusto
R.I.P. Justo, will I fall off? F_ck no
California mind n_gga, pull it like a truck boat
These crips, these bloods, these eses, they playin' cut throat
You a fish out of water, every MC gets slaughtered
If you ain't Nas, Eminem or f_ckin' S dot Carter
I tie up your wife, pull out my d_ck jack it off, kiss the knife
Before I cut her, take my jacket off, f_ck her then hit the lights
Rub it in there like Detroit streets, with pictures of me
F_ck her till cops come, then I'm bustin' like


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