Food for My Stomach - The Game feat Dubb & Skeme

[Hook - DUBB:]
Beast on the loose and my stomach is rumblin'
These n_ggas out here is food for my stomach
Get the f_ck out the way when the lions is comin'
The elephant's stompin', gorillas is jumpin'
The snakes full of venom, the wolves out and huntin'
In this concrete jungle, in this concrete jungle, woo
In this concrete jungle, in this concrete jungle, woo

[Verse 1 - DUBB:]
I sink in my teeth cause these n_ggas is sweet
Predator to the prey, you should pray for the weak
Spray out Caprices, drive by with the reaper
I hang out the window like I'm an AC
Bodies turn cold after losing your pulse
Turn that dude to a ghost like the homie SP
Yeah, from the LAX with these bars I keep locked
Ain't a prison, I'm free, I can rap in my sleep
Dude on the post with rocks using shots
They come back to your ass like an offensive rebound
Funeral home on the speed dial
When God call your number
Man, trust me, there won't be no re-dial
We out here every day, they acting senile
Year of the wolf, n_ggas 'bout to hear me out
This beat I'mma wreck while these gorillas beat on their chest
West swing, I'm knocking their trees down
So go in your temple
These n_ggas is dinner from January all the way to December
Shouldn't have played with my killers


[Verse 2 - Skeme:]
Real trill n_gga with a hairpin trigger
I'm surrounded by the killers, I just got it like that
Rappers always talking "you ain't 'bout it like that"
I went out the hood to get it then I brought it right back
Blood money rider, keep the chopper right beside 'em
F&N fully loaded, that's for any n_gga want it
This sound like I got the sh_t perfected don't it?
Grab a cartrige, get to sparkin a targetin like all of my opponents
Raise these haters up off of me
Talk some cash when you talk to me
I ain't got no love for you if you ain't getting guwop with me
All my n_ggas from day one who I'm gon take to the top with me
And this shotty on me, got that boy walkin so awkwardly
I was raised in the wild with them lions and tigers
Nothing but paper excite us, b_tch we were born be fighters
And I'm from BME, the G in me won't let me back down
Underground king without a crown, how I sound?


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