Fuck Yo Feelings - The Game feat Chris Brown & Lil Wayne

[Intro - Game:]
Me and Tune just got two twin Ferraris
(Like f_ck ceiling )
Two ounces in my double cup
(This sh_t gone kill me)

[Bridge - Lil Wayne x5:]
F_ck your feelin's, f_ck your feelin's, n_gga f_ck your feelin's

[Verse 1 - Game:]
Yo, b_tch, I signed my section point, I'm with them n_ggas (yeah)
Is that Drizzy b_tch? (Yeah)
I'm with Nicki like (Yeah)
And these b_tches be tellin' they n_ggas I'm crazy
Don't f_ck with that n_gga, he went at Jay-Z
Then he went at Curtis, now he Patrick Swayze
Every night I got your b_tch in my section
I do it at live and I do it at toxic
Do it at supper, I do it at dream
No we ain't at Houston, but I got that Rocket, go!
And I'm feelin' nice, somebody mixed my pills right
And I'm gettin' all this money, and its f_cked up Trinidad lost his deal right
No Ceilings! Got the drophead for my children
Dr. Dre just made a billion!
And he sent me to tell all you n_ggas man

[Bridge x5]

[Verse 2 - Chris Brown:]
Any b_tch that I'm with, she just hop in the whip and she get in the grave
Pimpin' is pimpin', I make a commission, they die p_ssy, pay
My d_ck like a chopper, I load it then cock it then bust on your face
We know that you p_ssy my n_gga, we know that you ain't catchin' no fades
Bulletproof windows is tinted, my n_gga, while all your sh_t rented
You should rent it from me cause I crash as soon as I spin it
That's why they bring all the b_tches
Don't bump the DJ my n_gga
You really care 'bout this b_tch
My d_ck all up in your sis

[Bridge x5]

[Verse 3 - Game:]
Started with documents
Reincarnated Pac and Big
How do you think I got your b_tch?
I am 2Pacalypse
Got more winners than Popovich
Yeah my b_tch will pop a b_tch
Pull up like Skrr
Now your b_tch out her skirt
I made her twerk
Now she selling my work
Started with Hannah Montana hoes
Now I'm f_ckin' all of Nick Cannon hoes
I made her go down down baby
But I don't speak no country grammar though
I got the antidote
I know some Fu-town n_ggas that'll bust your head like cantaloupe
You pull out your camera my cannon blow
2014 Hannibal
Lil n_gga

[Bridge x5]

[Outro - Lil Wayne:]
I f_ck yo b_tches, f_ck yo b_tches
F_ck yo n_ggas, n_gga, f_ck yo n_ggas
Soo Woo!

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