Heavy Artillery - The Game feat Beanie Sigel and Rick Ross

[Intro: Rick Ross]
You know we got em
45s, machine guns, heavy artillery
We got those grenades on your ass, n_gga
Boss. Black Wall Street
I'm in that bulletproof Maybach n_gga (Teflon Don)

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
N_gga talking like a G but walking like a broad
I pull up at the light, pineapple in your car
N_gga I shatter lives, my music camouflage
I court killers at the center of my synagogue
Torch in hand, extortion to the Fortune 500
From the porches to the Porsches with the wides on it
'Fore you snitches b_tch, you better put your lives on it
Get you twisted by the [?] with them wires on it
I get my money smoking spliffs like it's Friday
I'm sitting sideways like I'm in my driveway
My champagne kicks, my sh_t 3 wheels
You n_ggas six feet, we gettin 3 meals

They got jumped
45s, machine guns, and heavy artillery

[Verse 2: Game]
Yeah I got 2 gun charges, 2 felonies, just got off probation
Today motherf_cker, won't budge for no charge
Real n_gga, I hold no grudge with no thugs
Come through spraying, bullets out the McLaaren
They ain't meant for you, move b_tch, you hard of hearing?
I speed off doing 90 with Tha Carter blaring
Bust shots in the Cavalier like I ball with Baron
Yeah I Blake Griff n_ggas, make stiff n_ggas
Eminem wasn't Dr. Dre's only sick n_gga
Insane in the membrane like Soul Assassins
12 gauge stop a n_gga heart like a bowl of Aspirin
I hold automatics, let your man hold the casket
Murder game cold as Aspen, body found in the trash bin
First 48, they don't find me, case closed
Like a rehabilitation spot in Bobby Brown nose
Take em back to Boyz in da Hood when I pull the pump out
Something like C-Murder on Worldstar when I dump out


[Verse 3: Beanie Siegel]
Ain't nothing changed but them bullets in my clip
I still pull it, still bully n_ggas on the strip
Beef, I cook it fully with the fifth
And I ain't got no pets, I put a bullet in ya b_tch
A n_gga with a gun in his hand who won't bust it?
Like a b_tch with a d_ck in her hand who won't s_ck it
This is the art of war, you n_ggas just drawing
Anything I target on is dearly departed, gone
Drive by or walk up on -
I just stop, breathe, aim cock squeeze
[?] on the Glock, infrared beam
Put your block up on machines while the pussies run and scream

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