Mula - The Game feat Kanye West

[Intro - Kanye West & Sarah Barthel:]
Let me know if you're feeling lonely

[Verse 1 - Game:]
Cause ain't no real n_ggas out here
Ye what these n_ggas start humming out their mouth with?
Bunch of bullsh_t, weak ass albums
Bunch of lil n_ggas tryna copy our style
When we originated this
Whole mothaf_cking album had hits
That's why we up in the Ritz
That's why I'm up in your b_tch, head honcho
Get you killed pronto, wearing red now, El Segundo
Bail long as Alonzo Mourning
Kill a n_gga in his Monte Carlo like Alonzo
Sold records, sold crack, n_gga, recognize
For the record, I've been wrecking sh_t since 05
No lie, Js on
Take these mothaf_ckas off and throw the Ye's on
Rewind, J's on
Take these mothaf_ckas off and throw the Ye's on
Yeezy, tell these n_ggas that they is slaves
Master want you on red carpet like yesterday
You a house n_gga, I'm a get away though
Come back kill master ass like Django
Most you n_ggas just rapping for the fame though
I start rapping to get the f_ck out this durango
What goes around comes around how that saying go?
Documentary 2, no 50 keep the change hoe

[Chorus - Kanye West & Sarah Barthel:]
Feeling lonely
Let me know if you're feeling crazy
I guess all that stuff they told me
In my life was extra shady
I should've kept em waiting
Say hello to the mula
I'm on top, no lie
Say hello to the mula
I'm on top, good night
Feeling lonely
The night, it swallowed my soul
Let me know if you're feeling lonely

[Verse 2 - Game & Kanye West:]
Back like I never left, n_gga I'm on my second breath
And I got another track from Yeezy
How'd you do that? Like Eric Wright said Eazy
Pull up in my cool whip, I don't give a f_ck about it
Leave it at the valet, I ain't f_cked up about it
I'll call an Uber, n_gga, I'll f_cking shoot a n_gga
I got a white b_tch that blow like a tuba, n_gga
I just got a new crib, I just got a new Wraith
I just got cooler than LL Cool J
I just got a new gun, squeeze it like some toothpaste
I, I, aghhk
Spit in the face of a coward
Sh_t on anybody ever try to take ours
Ye why that n_gga's face so sour?
Cause that slick mouth got him wet up like a shower
Now what you know about power?
What you know about dreams?
What you know about freestyling verses
Shelter outside of Nike Town without a dollar in your jeans


[Felicia:] Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, n_gga I know you see me!
[Game:] Felicia what the f_ck you want?
[Felicia:] Ooh please can I borrow your car?
[Game:] Borrow my car? b_tch are you stupid or something?
[Felicia:] Well give me a quarter piece then
[Game:] b_tch I don't sell crack no more
[Felicia:] Well give me some money or something I can take around your brother house and trade
[Game:] I ain't got sh_t
[Felicia:] What about this iPod and them Dre Beats, you don't need that sh_t, don't you know that n_gga or something?
[Game:] So?
[Felicia:] Please, I'll s_ck your d_ck for this sh_t
[Game:] b_tch you can have this sh_t, I don't want my d_ck s_cked by no mothaf_cking smoker
[Felicia:] Oh okay, thank you then. You know I would have s_cked your d_ck for it anyways with your fine ass
[Game:] Felicia get the f_ck away from my car
[Felicia:] Okay, what is you listening to on this sh_t anyway?
[Game:] b_tch press play

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