New York Skit - The Game

[Sway:] Yo Game, you ain't really tell that story about what happened to you and 50 huh?

[Game:] Nah man, that's been so long, f_ck that sh_t

[Sway:] Yeah, sometimes it's best to leave the past in the past, but ya'll was such a good team man, why don't you tell me?

[Game:] Yeah. So basically, Fifty was on Hot 97 and sh_t, with Olivia, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck and sh_t doing an interview, and that's the time I was kicked out of G-Unit and that was news to me and sh_t cuz, you know, that sh_t was uhh like I don't know that sh_t just caught a n_gga off guard. And I think he was kinda hot cause I did an interview with Funk Flex a few days before that where I was talking about, you know, his beef with Fat Joe and, and Nas and The Lox and sh_t. And I was like, you know, I grew up, you know what I'm saying, on Nas and sh_t, and I wrote you know what I'm saying, I f_ck with The Lox and sh_t, and Joe always showed me love when I come to New York. So I was like, you know, sh_t.. I mean, I can't just stop f_cking with n_ggas I've been listening to my whole life cuz this n_gga mad at them n_ggas for the time being. So, uhm, he was hot, but anyway, them n_ggas on the radio, I got hot, so you know at that time, I was in New York with 70 bloods n_gga, so we went to the radio station and sh_t, hopped in a bunch of yellow cabs and sh_t, hopped out the motherf_ckers and we walked up to Hot 97 before we could get to the door G-Unit security was already coming out and sh_t. So them n_ggas pull out guns, so my little n_gga Peanut pull out a gun and start bustin' shots in the air. So them n_ggas start bustin' shots, we start bustin' shots, and n_ggas runnin in the snow but we got em from converse and them n_ggas start slipping and fallin you know what I'm saying, and then, f_cking I think Jers got hit, Peanut got hit (Yo I think they shot Peanut blood) and Jers thought he was hit cause we hopped in the mo'f_ckin Suburban and sh_t, and Jers had f_ckin bulletholes in his North Face and sh_t, he was mo'f_ckin whining and sh_t. N_gga I'm shot, N_gga I'm shot, and I'm like N_gga you ain't shot you just got holes in ya jacket. We went back to the W next morning, I got on a flight, came back to L.A and did 300 Bars and that was it

[Sway:] Yeah I remember that, you shocked the world with that one bruh

[Game:] F_ck it. Man this light taking long as a motherf_cker

[Sway:] Pft yeah man. That's crazy man, that's how a lot people be getting shot out here too cause of that long ass lights

[Person:] Ey what's happenin' cu'h?

[Game:] Wha's happenin'

[Person:] Oh, haha n_ggas out here slippin'. Ya'll n_ggas lost or somethin' homie?

[Game:] Nah, we know where the f_ck we at, n_gga

[Person:] Oh, oh so n_gga's pulling out choppers now?

[Game:] Yeah ([Person:] aha yeah that sh_t cute), yep

[Person 2:] Don't worry 'bout it cu'h, I know where them n_gga's gon' be at. We'll get them n_gga's later

[Person:] Gas it cu'h

[Game:] See that's the f_ck I'm talking about homie, can't get away from this sh_t. Sh_t is everywhere

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