Super Throwed - The Game feat Juicy J

[Hook: Juicy J]
You a throwed n_gga
You a you a throwed n_gga
You a throwed n_gga
You a you a throwed n_gga
Codeine in my cup, b_tch all in my face
Kush all in my blunt, super throwed on that ace
You a throwed n_gga
You a you a throwed n_gga

[Verse 1: Game]
Ridin' round with that super soaker
Red cup I'm super throwed
My straight eight all suped up
I'm a dry this ho to the Super Bowl
Trukfit, tank top, tell them hoes I'm super lean
Look like I won the super lotto
Damn my condo super clean
Left your b_tch at the Super 8
She s_cked my d_ck I'm super straight
Got Nicki Minaj tied up in my trunk 15's kicking out, that's Super Bass
In the hood we got super bands
My cotton piece stuff super grams
My b_tch layed out with a super ten
She flying high with super man
Picture that, no Instagram
Real life no side show
Real n_gga, no Tony Parker
Your main b_tch is my side-ho
Blowin' purp I'm high fi, redrum in that Mai Tai
Rubbing on the b_tch tattas she scared of d_ck, Sci Fi
Hooked her up to that Wi Fi
Wiped my d_ck and said bye bye
Dropped the ho off at Pop Eyes and continued eating my hot fries
My old partner, AR said you a cold n_gga
I simply said my day job my day job, ain't lovin' hoes n_gga
Ask Juicy J about me


[Verse 2: Juicy J]
What you know about mixing molly with the loud
Hotel smoked out n_gga f_ck a towel
N_gga all my wet burn blunts like cigarettes
Benz got my teeth grindin' like I'm chewing Nicorette
Every three hours need a re up from the weed man
Afghan purp strand super man head band
Eyes so tight got me looking like Jackie Chan
Me and the Game like Red and the Method Man
Smoking on the roach, you ain't really feeling that dope that you smoked
Try to mix lean with the blunt let it soak
All you gon' do is choke
N_ggas can't handle weed from the west coast
Smoke so much till a n_gga overdose
I stay high when I'm in and out the booth
Gotta thank Mary for this verse that I wrote
Big buzz in every club don't need a plug I am the plug
Taylor Gang, I'm on the plane
I'm leanin' man, I'm on them thangs
Only strong up in the bong, I've been high for way too long
Codeine I sip, hotbox the whip
I stay throwed, Cheech and Chong


[Verse 3: Game]
Roll kush, f_ck hoes, start fights, shoot n_ggas
How many n_ggas hurricane done killed, sh_t quite a few n_ggas
I'm like two Nas', two Jiggas, two Pacs, two Biggies
Cop the Rari for 250, then made the Rari do 250
Crash the Rari got two Bentleys
Blowing dank like two hippes
Give a n_gga bout eight months in the gym
I'm gonna come through looking like two fifties
Half a mill on that xbox
John Madden probably owin' me
Ask Bow Wow, ask Fat Joe, ask Ocho they know me
On that 2k, I od
That C.O.D. you D.O.A
F_ck n_gga put your money down
Start worrying bout when the f_ck we gon' play
Put six bad hoes in one big room
Stuff six grams in one big blunt
Load six shells in one big pump
Stuff six chickens in one big trunk
Right next to a body, black John Gotti
Like a n_gga shotty, hit em with the shotty
F_ck her good once then send her to the lobby
F_ck her so good momma looking for the body
Poppin' mollys and Bugattis, coppin' Mozzys no deposit
Runnin' through the money when a n_gga get throwed
Tires screeching when the story get told
So much money that the sh_t don't fold


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