The Soundtrack - The Game

[Verse 1: Game]
Politics as usual, them palm trees is beautiful
Crack rock lingerin', fiends s_ckin' they cuticles
Wear the wrong colors 'round here, n_ggas is shootin' you
N_ggas workin' out in them pens, stuck in they cubicles
N_gga, you killin' who? Street sh_t, me and Meek sh_t
F_ck with him, f_ck around and be your funeral

[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
Have your momma ten and two, with my homies spinnin' through
Drive-by, layin' side by side as they viewin' you
Ha, cause you will ride for your n_gga, right?
Now with hearses side by side, with your n_gga right
Cause it been plenty nights I barely made it through this life
N_ggas want to snatch my soul from me like I'm Jesus Christ

[Verse 3: Game & (Meek Mill)]
Compton, California, come and see what my city like
(Babies losin' hope when they see they momma hit the pipe)
Rosecrans, (Berks Street), n_ggas tryin' to murk me
(God, it hit me first, G)

[Hook: Game & (Meek Mill)]
This right here the soundtrack to a real n_gga life
(Comin' from a city where they kill n_ggas like)
"La-da-da, la-da-da"
The soundtrack to a real n_gga life
(Comin' from a city where they kill n_ggas like)
"La-da-da, la-da-da"

[Verse 4: Meek Mill]
Uh, my dog doin' life
Cause he ain't had no safety like the Rams' secondary
And he come out in 2060, Nevuary, never scared

[Verse 5: Game]
Cause I got real n_ggas everywhere
That'll cut your life short like it's February
Killer Cali, where them burnouts is necessary
'Specially when the feds is tappin' phones like secretaries
Sh_t real like 2Pac's obituary
Kill him, B.I.G. too, but they memory legendary

[Verse 6: Meek Mill & (Game)]
And where I'm from, you get murdered like hereditary
They killed my homie, we came back like it was January
The first n_gga aimin' to murk, n_gga
F_ck your chain, want your shoes, your jean and your shirt, n_gga
Cause it's cold out, f_ck your concert cause you sold out
Your dad didn't teach you all that sh_t you sing that song 'bout
So what you talkin' about?
(Absolutely nothin', they ain't us, Meek, f_ck 'em, cause)


[Bridge: Meek Mill]
From Philly to Compton, n_gga
I fell in love with these streets, I lost my n_ggas too
But I'll be damned I'll let one of you n_ggas take my life

[Verse 7: Game]
Meek, tell 'em that I'm back on my grizzly though
Most these rappers' life is like a f_ckin' Miguel video
Compton killed eight of my n_ggas, but that's my city though
Yeah, we movin' birds, but we throw 'em like a Frisbee though
N_ggas sellin' flat-screens, sixty-inch VIZIOs
Blow on a stone, smokin' chronic on commodes
Listenin' to Hov like "I got to get my weight up"
The system was made to break us, but they can't take us, no

[Verse 8: Meek Mill]
And I know they hate us though cause we really made it though
Ballin' like we Jordan, n_ggas shootin', try and fade me though
O.G. Bobby Johnson, .44 with the potato nose
Turn you mashed potato, bro, but it's all gravy though
I done been to church to mosque, it couldn't save me though
Sh_t, I got to save myself before I try to save a ho
F_ck your role model, it was gold bottles after the gold hollows


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