Lego - The Maccabees

[Chorus x3]
Smoked out, loced out Loced out lo-loced out loced out
(Triple ss triple six mafia mafia)
Niggga but you know but you can't Rob the power hey,
N_gga with posse
Motherf_cker don't them Scared, f_ck a man wtih the glock
Make 'em drop it Damn fool what's this (trip-triple six mafia mafia) Step it to the cut Just smokin' and smokin' See me locin' it and chokin' it Puff puff puff When the po pos come again Buck buck buck buck (triple ss triple six mafia mafia...)
Now I was killin' a ride

With a double them n_ggas
They got te motherf_cker strippin' with a knee Look through my face [?????] F_ck a dead bed Two shots to the head
Now the n_gga dead I'm bout' five the high Motherf_ckers is smoked out and loced dead Even the n_gga without and let it flow to the bread Better roll to the dead Scarecrow's the face Dedicated thugsta syle Cause when gone bare Smokin' deep free The little infamous's car taken in heaat Gettin' me hype On a little bitty pipe lee Fool you better watch your sh_t Comin' up and make quick Lke ya up to somethin' What squirm could of made me jog In my world where three to the rock chess chess Unless the rock All across this day I wsaw the afterbird comin' out the mirror And ever since today I've been wanting To put a motherf_ckers slip and have some n_gga earlow It's weird though, It's weird though
No houses's there is no tomorrow Here comes the Lord Infamous How ever I bet you nigros all go back Sianara I'm so high I want to die Ain't no reason why
Why ain't no f_ckin' alaby I be wonderin' why
Why do I roll so many blunts Do I blow them three six stump Do she catch me before I jump
Jump off of the ocean side Ocean side call it suicide Suicide is no f_ckin' crimes in the devil's eye It's black Black in this mtherf_ckin' b_tch Don't say bout' them motherf_cking mafia six I'll get ya somoked out loced out Staying on top sh_t Don't playa hate congradulate me Give me my props b_tch, ugh No top notch N_ggas I'm scopin' so you can't stop The prophet posse Thw whole damn click strapped with somethin' cop Don't think i would have sympathy for sh_t I said or did I'm daddy's litle girl That they call up in the wrong b_tch So listen to my words of wisdom This sh_t is so so real More real of a b_tch Call em' the stronger the nut will When you hear the word Triple six You get sick Casue you know it's many in a click Strap that d_ck When the halopoints touch your skin Then it rips Travel through your body then your friend Yo it's split Made you bust and know them out then play When we spray So what's best that you stay outta our way Or decay Lie in your coffin in your grave Is where lay instead of walkin' round' and like your paid Now let us pray Loced out smoke out where them killas hangin hoe get down south in the ghetto where we slangin' dope Lyrics do you fear it when you hear it Enter in your head Hypnotizing young motherf_ckers Leavin' others dead Scared from the sight But the two breack check back on the breeze It's my n_ggas that I'm tryin' to reach Locked in their pin Who would never see them streets again All but the ight dollars All f_ck them divadends [Mafia x4] [Chorus #2 x3] Triple ss triple six [Mafia x4] Loced out smoked out Triple six up in your crib When your kickin' that ass Then we take and let main bame Layin' on the fall Purrin' the drank and I f_ck all with that c_caine You really don't want nothin' better cease Puttin' everything down with the sh_t But I promise to got If a n_gga try to test me fit don't work with this click N_gga get more work to the to the gut Three six with a 40 cal with a pop We talk about you that n_gga who that casue I pull that shoot at who cares Pat blast on that ass on the tainted glass Raw gottta move with raw But we on his ass N_gga stop me on the chair When we get to the p-h-z Don't let no n_gga pass Mafia, mafia Loced out smoked out, loced out, lo-loced out, loced out Triple ss triple six mafia mafia Smoked out smoked out, loced out lo-loced loced out Triple ss triple sic mafia mafia Loced out smoked out, loced lo-loced out loced out [Repeat till fade]

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