O.a.V.I.P. - The Maccabees

[Juicy J]
At the Dub we gettin buck
Comin like a lightning struck
Cockin back the chrome at the ??
B_tches say I'm fakin it
Players playa hatin it
We can trade words or get in some gangsta sh_t
Aint the type of n_gga that be comin up and then fall
Keep a couple of nines in my drawls when im at the mall
When I'm at the club in the tub for a rub a dub
Even at the church cause ??
True to the ground yea
I'm down for my f_ckin crown
Straight from the north side of town with the gangsta frown
Evergreen n_ggas brought the clown cause we bull n sh_t
With the prophet posse and the whole f_ckin triple six
Killa Klan Kaze in the party with the evil hottie
Like collecting guns just for fun stackin dead bodies
If you think I'm all rap and just a coward on the floor

Turn your f_ckin nuts and bring it out the front door, ho
[Chorus x2]
For the n_ggas who act like they hard
We won't hesitate to pull your whole cart
And all the hoods u bangin u slangin for u bar
Cause aint no tellin whats gonna happen after dark
Twelve o'clock, in the car, on the ?
Bout to bring it, to your door
I don't bar no b_tch, or a n_gga I pull triggas, won't fight, i tright to hit ya If you bigger, you gonna fall, or try to crawl
Then I ball on your face, with chrome rims, or black walls
Late at night, I'm super tight, stay out of sight
With a scope pointed at a car, with blue lights (blue lights)
You know what I mean, with the stripes run up on ya, like OJ Simpson
With a knife, on your wife, or your kids
Yea I did all the dirt, all by myself, split whigs
Put a body, dead body, body bags, zippin tight real tight
or the trash, then I laugh for the last, aftermath...hahahahahahahahaha
[Chorus x2]

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