Who Do You Love - The Moffatts

Here we are
I tell me I'm the only one who makes you feel love again
There you go
I see you watching him when you don't think I know
Should I let you go

* So who's it gonna be
Is it him or me

** Who do you love, who do you need
You're messing up my mind, wastin' all my time
Who do you love, what do you feel
Stop playin' with my heart, you're tearin' me apart
Am I the one who can make you fly up above
Is it me who can take you higher than you're dreaming of
Now who do you love

Who do you love

Turn around
Do you really think you could you'll play me like a fool for you
Then I realize
When you touch me it's like nothing I have known
Could I let you go

[Repeat * , ** , **]

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