Burn It Up - The Offspring

I Think I'm Burning Up Inside
I Think I'll Take A Little Ride
I'm Gonna Light Up Everything In Sight
I'll Drive On By Your Yard
And Throw A Molotov Cocktail At Your Car
Then Another In The Local Bar


They Call It An Obsession But I Think It's Kinda B_tchen'
I Think It's Kinda Neat
Yeah I'm A Pyro
I Wanna Burn It Up
Yeah I'm A Pyro

Tonight This 'hood Will Be A Pyre
I'm Gonna Set Your House On Fire
I'll Dance Around The Pretty Flames
Such A Wonderful Game


I Want To Make A Tiki Torch
I'm Gonna Throw It On Your Porch
Then I'm Gonna Run Away
And Come Back Another Day
So Many Houses So Little Time
So Many Reasons I'm Not A Crime
I'd Like To Set You Up
I'd Like To Set You Up

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