Self Esteem - The Offspring

I Wrote Her Off For The Tenth Time Today
And Practiced All The Things I Would Say
But She Came Over
I Lost My Nerve
I Took Her Back And Made Her Dessert
Now I Know I'm Being Used
That's Okay Man Cause I Like The Abuse
I Know She's Playing With Me
That's Okay Cause I've Got No Self Esteem
We Make Plans To Go Out At Night
I Wait Till 2 Then I Turn Out The Light
All This Rejection's Got Me So Low
If She Keeps It Up I Just Might Tell Her So
When She's Saying That She Wants Only Me
Then I Wonder Why She Sleeps With My Friends
When She's Saying That I'm Like A Disease
Then I Wonder How Much More I Can Spend
Well I Guess I Should Stick Up For Myself
But I Really Think It's Better This Way
The More You Suffer
The More It Shows You Really Care Right
Now I'll Relate This A Little Bit
That Happens More Than I'd Like To Admit
Late At Night She Knocks On My Door
Drunk Again And Looking To Score
Now I Know I Should Say No
But That's Kind Of Hard When She's Ready To Go
I May Be Dumb
But I'm Not A Dweeb
I'm Just A S_cker With No Self Esteem


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