Gotta Get Away - The Offspring

I'm Getting Edgy All The Time
There's Someone Around Me Just A Step Behind
It's Kinda Scary The Shape I'm In
The Walls Are Shakin' And They're Closing In
Too Fast Or A Bit Too Slow
I'm Paranoid Of People And It's Starting To Show
There's One Guy That I Can't Shake
Over My Shoulder Is A Big Mistake
Sitting On The Bed
Or Lying Wide Awake
There's Demons In My Head
And It's More Than I Can Take
I Think I'm On A Roll
But I Think It's Kinda Weak
Saying All I Know Is
I Gotta Get Away From Me
I Tell You Something Just Ain't Right
My Head Is On Loose But My Shoes Are Tight
Avoiding My Friends Cause They All Bug
Life Is A Riddle And I'm Really Stumped
If You Reason Don't You Know
Your Own Preoccupation Is Where You'll Go
I Think I'm Being Followed I Look Around
It's Only My Shadow Creepin' On The Ground

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