Staring At The Sun - The Offspring

Maybe Life Is Like A Ride On A Freeway
Dodging Bullets While You're Trying To Find Your Way
Everyone's Around But No One Does A Damn Thing
It Brings Me Down But I Won't Let Them

If I Seem Bleak
Well You'd Be Correct
And If I Don't Speak
It's Cause I Can't Disconnect
But I Won't Be Burned By The Reflection
Of The Fire In Your Eyes
As You're Staring At The Sun

When I Ran I Didn't Feel Like A Runaway
When I Escaped I Didn't Feel Like I Got Away
There's More To Living Than Only Surviving
Maybe I'm Not There But I'm Still Trying

Though You Hear Me
I Don't Think That You Relate
My Will Is Something
That You Can't Confiscate
So Forgive Me But I Won't Be Frustrated
By Destruction In Your Eyes
As You're Staring At The Sun

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