Last Waltz - The Rasmus

Make me blind
Cover my eyes you can do what you want
I'm paralyzed by the perfect mood
When we're dancing with blindfolds on
You make it easy to love you and hate you
I can't explane it I feel insecure
You say it's simple "you die just to live again"
You say we're waiting for the last waltz

Another you and me
Another revolutionary heavenly romance
waiting for the last waltz
And so it seems
We won't find the solution
confusion leads the dance
We're waiting for the last waltz

Praise the wine
So divine and it stings like a rose
Allow the night to flow inside open the window
and let the wind blow
Highlight of the night is the unhappy ending
You keep refusing to answer my calls
Drop the bending and stop the pretending
You say get ready for the last waltz

I believe that no one this world has the anwers for me
But still I hope that someone has heard.

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