Diedre Vs. Dice - The Roots feat Dice Raw

[Dice Raw]
Yo, look at all the scavengers
All wannabe contenders
Dismember, wack n_ggaz I intend ta
Y'all ain't sh_t but sticky sh_t
on the bottom of Timber-lands
I know you clam heads wanna surrender
Don't even act like the battlefield the place you wanna enter
Yo n_ggaz is hopeless, you really need to focus
On who's the f_ckin dopelist or wind up hopeless
Lookin for some soup, tryin to recoup
some f_ckin loot, only thing you get is the boot
To me these punk MC's is nothin but fruit
Cakes, shake they booty on stage and get head
with lyrics that I kick, talkin that bullsh_t
You might get lit like a front of a spliff
for runnin, off at the lips talkin that nonsense
Raw get on stage, take your confidence
Break you off since powerful defense [fades]

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