I Remain Calm - The Roots

I remain calm, lyrically I got the bomb
when you put me on, I remain calm
[repeat 4X]

[Malik B]
It's the 'I remain calm' but for jurge to erk
Come out my humble go berzerk and make you swallow your smirk
I splurge most and bash, capacitate mass
I fascinate as I assassinate and show task
Characters and egos, get crushed in trust
And my words stampede like herds in a dusk
Cream of all crops, topics I drop ?
When heated up, I gets hotter cause I'm proper
You never knew the levitude the clever few
Different tax for revenue man if you ever knew
the tac-tic, strategies, of word, ca-pa-bil-ities
Display, de-cease
the rhythm, and man how it swerved and curved
Made a n_ggaz dream but his hope deferred then stirred
Dig the mentals, Papermate, Bic's and Number 2 pencils
My credentials blow on instrumentals
I write an anthem throw a tantrum and remain handsome
Mysterious vibes, like I was the phantom
Erupt abruptly, then conduct amaze
You're f_cked when the lyrics get bucked because I graze
Never animosity, on my property
N_ggaz acropoly, or they feel extreme monstrosity
Wreakin leak out the verbals ? don't forget it
The chief of edit then Malik'll shred it yeah I said it

I remain calm, lyrically I got the bomb
when you put me on, I remain calm
[repeat 4X]

[Black Thought]
That n_gga Thought flows like a river I deliver
styles like Domino's, eyes closed I inhale
equality follow me now son
Listen my divisions advance I surpass one half the rap mass
the other half, want my autograph, because I got
soul plus a ghetto stroll similar to Shaft
It's the mic rapers, splittin Phillies in the cellar
My acapella verse, can stomp, I delete comp
My rated X, larynx, wrecks your context
I'm complex, confusin, lyrically amusin, I drink brews
then when I'm groovin I'm no longer human
I'd like to take this time to give a shout to all the money makers
in the house galore they help me turn it out
I whip the cap to the max, I'm laid back, like your gramps
I make, n_ggaz embarrased like they spendin food stamps
I take, my time when I rhyme lovely, me nah like
ugly like, God we get odd to the rhythms
Rappers thinkin of steppin up, what the f_ck you're doin?
I amplify the hymn to bring your empire to ruin
Who's your girl screwin fellas? Jealous because I'm fly
Keep my sneakers dry, when you cry-baby
See I can have you headin for the border like a ReFugee from Haiti
Aiyyo, this brother drivin my cab, tried to flip, saying
"Pay me in advance" -- I asked him if he ever danced
in the dark, with the rap devil, Black Thought
See n_ggaz who get caught off guard remain scarred
into air, with headphones remainin on the domes, they hair
I resound and astound and scare, I reign terror
into another n_gga rap era, my rhymes sedate
I lubricate, like aloe vera
I'm extreme, restin in the land of the plot and the scheme
Peace to ? Rock and the Equal Team

I remain calm, lyrically I got the bomb
when you put me on, I remain calm
[repeat 12X]

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