Hop on a Sea Cow and Manatee - The Sidekicks

Blown back by words unsure, but I am sure I like the sound.
My brain is firing at rapid speed and all I can think to do is smile.
I wish that I could commit my mind to make commitments and leave behind
All these grasping, grabbing parasites.
All these things that keep me from seeing me in the same light you perceive me.
Sometimes its so dark, give me a lone spark

Unshoulder all those things that weigh me down.
Boulders make brittle bones crumble to ground.

I laugh to feel reassured that I am above most everything.
But in the midst of shining light I feel unworthy.
And you, you help me to defy most of my flawed logic
In the end, I hope your diligence makes a difference
Cause now all my lights burned out
I rely on shooting stars to ease my doubts.

Well I don't know what my "intentions" are
I don't know why I cry
I say "I don't know" too f_cking much.
Maybe there's a reason why.
Because under warmth of lustrous light
pretending shooting stars are destined sight.
I can make reasons for my unreasonable sureness
I can make predesigned phrases sound so earnest. (calm my mind down)

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