Parkview - The Swellers

It's been four years
And I still don't know what I'm doing here
My friends settle down, and all I do when I'm home is sleep in

Never had it that bad, I guess
But all because of you, there's too much I can lose so I'll forget
To mention what you put me through
I'll learn eventually, until then you can watch me,

Shoveling snow
Clearing a path so I'm not walked on anymore
I guess tomorrow it could melt, but I'm not sure
Maybe I'm paralyzed
Haven't stood up for myself in a long time

I'm not used to
the soundtrack of my neighborhood at all
This house has two stories
You know I'm staying in this season
I wake up early for no reason
And see you on the sidewalk in the cold,

Shoveling snow
I guess tomorrow it could melt but I'm not sure

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