The Best I Ever Had - The Swellers

It was a young and angry summer
And a song had changed my mind
I heard it on the radio
And if everyone else heard this
They wouldn't be so sad
It was the best I ever had
It was the best I ever had

I remember April '94
September '96
and every day of '99
Whether I waited for those records
Or helped Seattle cry
It was the best I ever had
And I know it'll never die

Yeah we were right about it
We'd be lost without it
No one could never take that

I miss it, too
And I miss the songs we knew
And if I could go back I'd do it all again
It was the best I ever had

While the world was waking up and
putting on their suits
I was planning my escape
And when I had that conversation
With my Mom and Dad
I said I'm never looking back
It was the best I ever had

Yeah they were wrong about us
We showed 'em not to doubt us
No one could ever take that

I've been everywhere, now, searching far and wide
But she was down the street
She looked just like an angel flying down to me
But I was underground where the devil comes to feed
Everything felt so right, I could show her to do wrong
But she taught me everything
And I don't know where she is now, but I'll never forget
She was the best I ever had, or ever will again

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