Give It Back - The Ting Tings

We say we're gonna leave this
100 mph
Be good if we could just stay
but I don't know how

We say we're gonna jump ship
A 100 times a day
I only got to know you
And we are on our way

You say were gonna leave this
There's a fool on the road
Take what we've been missing
Before we have to go

This could have been perfection
If we had a bit of sense
But we are the destroyers
So we start it all again

So give it back, give me back,
Give me back my Hi-Fi, Hi-Fi
Give me back my boots
Give me back, give me back,
Give me back life, li-ife
Give me back my roots

Give it back, give me back,
Give me back my name, na-ame
Give it like you should
Give me back, give it back,
Give me back it all, a-all
I'll kill you if I could

We said we'd never get here
You made my life misery
And when I wrote it down on a paper
You went and threw it in the sea

Well, I guess you made a copy
Because you're dirtier than I
I should have taken off my glasses
and I seen the way that you lied


Hey, hey you
Ow, you know,
you make me blow fire, fire

Keep this up I'll take you to the woods

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