Blind - The Working Title

[Verse 1]

You bring your face to mine
Your anger wells inside
You speak your wasted mind
And mine is wasting
You drag me deep inside
The depths of wide decline
And I could not prepare
For the fall


You're frozen uncertain empty inside
I've fallen so deep I can't see the light


I'm bleeding my hands are cold
Someone save me
I've trusted what I can't see
But everyone is blind

[Verse 2]

It took me so long to break the chains of time
Servant freedom comes from the inside
They could not see you tearing apart everything
Such a small one you wanted love

[Pre-chorus 2]

Dilated frustrated you can't get out
My fingers keep shaking it's all in vain



I was born for this I swear strengthen me
This is the part where I break down on my knees
Maybe the words have lost their shape but I need you
To paint the picture I can't see for
We are blind
Can't you see


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