All We Thought We Could - This Day and Age

Aren't we so good at holding on to the past? If we weren't speeding, I'm sure we wouldn't have crashed. Under the influence of our shallow lust; I know
we should be careful but that won't happen to us... Love is a second, third, fourth and fifth shot. God knows I need it; God knows you haven't forgot...
Oh and you are too much like a drug to me. No longer what I want, just what I think I need. Why would I leave when I could waste away with you? Less
concerned with what I'll find than what I could lose... It's easier to look down than to look you straight in the eye. I'll only say this once because I
know it's going to make you cry. There is a reason I feel lost when I'm not with you. It's not because of love; it's just that you are what I've gotten
used to... Nothing left; but you say "Can't you give us one more try? We're in a knot that I can't let you untie": If we don't leave now, we never will.
Turn your back one last time on me

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