G.a.N.G. !@#$% - Tory Lanez

As I stand here in this f_ckin mirror
Pistol in my hand, it's nothing but bloody stairs
Cold glasses, watchin up in the stairs
They watchin from a corner, cop top the blocks on er
I tried to make paper, was making the block warmer
Aroma of getting cake and chasing cash tag laser like
I got a stripper that's workin for good dollars
I predict myself waitin a life for some good father
Conflicts of a n_gga so I feel it
Sh_t I ever wrote, I bet this probably be the realest
And this population full of how we poppin armadillos
It's only getting realer but these n_ggas never broke up
Back in my days we sold drugs and never took em
But look what it's coming into, I'm livin in a war
And got p_ssy up on my mental,
N_ggas murdered my cousin in front of my grandmother
You the one that had ven to
My rappers got the nerve to make you kill, it's uneventful
F_ckin murderer, rappers find you and murder you
That could change me to the same word that I heard you up
But I don't care about the cycle though
I'm bout to lift em in the air like you're Michael yo
A pair of Jordans, black clothing, the air forces
Walked up leanin something like I pad noxious
F_ck the clutch and grab the Nina and that new tutu
Pulled it out from under the sweater and tu tu tuf

Young ringin gun singing like
Young ringin gun singing like

Still in shock, never ran up off the block
Til I felt the shot nearly ring across my top
100 meter dash was the way I start to drop
Thinkin at my thoughts like damn, man I shot
Another n_gga, could've been some n_ggas' pops
Or bove a n_gga, hustle figure, help a n_gga's guap more
Wasted out was n_ggas, been addicted to this pies
Instead of getting guap, n_ggas got evicted from the spot
Could've picked the lock, should've been a n_gga but I'm not
That ignorant just figured that this flickering will stop
Liquor run this shot, gotta get my mind off that
Back on guard, my mind on track
Living a life of selling drugs to n_ggas getting signed off rap
Wasn't in my plans, neither ones this gun up in my hand
But you know how n_ggas get, not knowin why n_ggas weird
And n_ggas is old and stupid, always doing hot n_gga sh_t like
F_ck em, can't without em I duck em
I Figured that if them n_ggas is wit you there ain't no trust in you
You love em from a distance, doing thug don't go with n_ggas
Cuz that could be your greater reason why you're here in prison
See first 48 I seen the closest n_ggas snitching
And since then I ain't been provoking n_ggas when they see
I rather can and deal yo man the handle on my business then
Dip into the light like I was damn near fishin, yea

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