Juvenile (Freestyle) - Tory Lanez feat Ed Sheeran

No dead ass I got a story about this one joint
I'm-I'm a sing it to her (she know who the f_ck she is)

Shorty I ain't seen you in a cold minute
That sh_t just made me wonder who's in it
That sh_t just made wonder who's gettin it
Now ya gotta tell me whose is it
Girl I used to f_ck you in Toronto
On the Lakeshore, by the condo
I would give it to you, not for for sale
And she from the East, gotta meet at Yorkdale
Shorty when we meet, gotta f_ck forreal
Took the TTC just to get the whole meal
And we used to f_ck, girl it was so trill
You remind me of Monica, you was so real
I know I'm wrong, sippin' on patron
In LAC all night, but I ain't lackin' tonight
Now shawty I'm a take it, if you don't give it to me
You gon' throw it, like you tryna give it to me
I'm a play this Jodeci and all the records
F_ck you in the night and take you out to breakfast
I'm a young n_gga, I got old money
Need the dough before I walk inside the door money
Take them heels off, walk inside my door honey
Start to peel off, peelin' off them clothes for me
I know, I know, f_ckin' b_tches off my songs
In the stands at the show
I keep it real, I got love for them all
Hop inside a bus and get this thang poppin'
I got it biggie, but it ain't poppin'
Your n_gga broke, or he a chain swapper
I been poppin' all dem n_ggas since the bottom
Tell em b_tches let em leave with this Tory n_gga
Why you playin', what I'm saying just let Tory get you
Your n_gga told us bust that shot like Robert Horry n_gga
It's hard to spend time on these hoes, they can't afford me n_gga
On top of that, I keep the piece because these mans be looking for me n_gga
Cause I had they ex-b_tches in a orgy n_gga
Catch a n_gga downtown Toronto smoking OG n_gga
Your b_tch is f_cking cause she want to f_ck a OG n_gga
I know, I know
I've been on Patron
In L.A. all night
In up here with your wife
Can I give some love
Don't you give that dove
I could do things to your life
I change sh_t in one night

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