Keisha's Intro (Skit) - Tory Lanez feat Ed Sheeran

[Guy One:] Ayo Uno make this left right here
[Guy Two:] I got you
[Guy Two:] Wait you going to Yvette's house?
[Guy One:] No I'm not going to Yvette's house my n_gga
[Guy Two:] Oh Ight
[Guy One:] You always think I'm going over there for some reason
[Guy Two:] [Laughs]
[Guy One:] I'm actually going to my new joint house
[Guy Two:] Oh who's this one about?
[Guy One:] You remember that one girl who um who smashed the window's out my car in the last joint?
[Guy Two:] Nahhh
[Guy One:] Jalissa
[Guy Two:] Not Jalissa?
[Guy One:] Yeah... It's her friend
[Guy Two:] Oh word?
[Guy One:] Her name Keisha
[Guy Two:] you wild
[Guy One:] I'm not gon lie to you I'm feeling her
[Guy Two:] [Laughs]
[Guy One:] I'm a have to get her... I'm a get her... I'm a get her

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