Taken X G Party - Tory Lanez

She ridin through
She ridin through
She ridin through

Hoes love us
B_tches, we be them n_ggas with gold bottles and gold rubbers
Plus I'm that n_gga runnin in the all figures
Cus all my figures lost b_tches on they jaw

Yall can't be that n_gga for too long
B_tch smoking loud and got these b_tches off the bong
She f_cked around and they did dinner plate for G n_ggas
I push that 6, don't pull my sh_t down on the street n_gga
I do figures big cuz this sh_t I'm thinkin on motherf_ckers
Just wait, I got my paper straight, I make this motherf_cker
With all my n_ggas, brought them n_ggas for my favorite women
Don't hate, I make yo chick undress
Tell me my favorite
I'm in it, been in different situations with different types of women
She know this life, I live it tight
And plus I ball like ain't no type of suspended
And they came to swerve but I took her from you
'Cause n_ggas crooked, ain't no Brooklyn ballin
That's the swish and kush in callin
Women I be swayed out, I'm double glazed out
Time froze, couldn't even make the f_ckin figure south owned
But Shawty I'm for real now
She a wear ice but still told her she's just spendin like

Been here for too long
Oh my baby
'Cuz this a motherf_ckin G party
Long as you came to stay
Don't go up to the club wit yo Shawty
She gon get taken, taken
'Cuz this a motherf_ckin G party
She gon get taken, taken
'Cuz this a motherf_ckin G party

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