Still Frame - Trapt

Please help me 'cause I'm breaking down,
this picture's frozen and I can't get out (of here)
Believe me, I'm just as lost as you
And every time I think I've finally made it
I learn I'm farther away than I've ever been before
I see the clock and it's ticking away, and the hourglass empty
What the f*** do I have to say
Keep it inside the image portrayed
As if I couldn't stand losing as if I couldn't be saved, no way
A small confession I think I'm starting to lose it
I think I'm drifting away from the people I really need
A small reflection on when we were younger
We had it all figured 'cause we had everything covered
Now we're older it's getting harder to see
What this future will hold for us, what the f*** are we going to be?
I'm afraid I'm falling farther away (from where I want to be)

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