Waiting - Trapt

I wanna meet up with you and show you what i'm thinking
I'll take you anywhere, that you wanna go
Im sitting here bored and lonely
and you know that any time
your free to show me how you feel
I'll take it anywhere
that you wanna go
Anywhere that you wanna go

Let me make it right
If you wanted it
I want it back more than you know
Id cross the line
if you wanted it
I want you back
And i'm waiting for you
to get that feeling once again
Reunited in the end
Ive been waiting for you
to capture my imagination
cause I've been fooled by the illusions in my head
In my head

Now I realise I never had it so good
You took me anywhere I wanted to go
Now im sitting here
dreaming of the days
When any time I wanted I could show you how I feel
I cant go anywhere that I wanna go
that I wanna go


I'll take it anywhere
I'll take it anywhere
I'll take it anywhere
I'll take you anywhere
You wanna go


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