Helping Me Get over You - Travis Tritt

[Travis Tritt]
You ask who's lying in my bed
And is it really love we're making
My heart's hanging by a thread
She's the only reason it aint breaking

Do you ever cross my mind
Darling fact is you still do
That's the reason she is here
Wiping your old memory clear
She's helping me get over you

[Travis Tritt & Lari White]
Helping me get over you
One kiss at a time
'Cause all the pain that we've been through
Still weighs so heavy on my mind
Getting past the love we lost
That's a lonely bridge to cross
So I did what I had to do
I had to find somebody new
Who's helping me get over you

[Lari White]
I know you never ask his name
But in your heart I know you wonder
I'm not much good at playing games
I'm just trying to keep from going under

There's no forever in his eyes
It's not the love that we once knew
Oh, and it might be a sin
But tonigt I've got a friend
Helping me get over you

[Travis Tritt & Lari White]

[Repeat chorus]

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