Chill - Trey Songz

Can we get started? I just wanna turn you out, we should leave this party
Go some place where them clothes come off and I can see that body
Shots got my head spinning round and round, round and round
How many drinks will it take me to get you alone baby?

Cause a girl like you deserves affection when we're sexing
It's a blessing that you came so when you come through
You already know what's on my mind
We ain't gotta waste no time

Come chill with a n_gga, come chill with a n_gga
I know we both gone off the liquor
But you should come chill with a n_gga
Come chill baby, chill baby

Bumping, grinding all on the floor, know a n_gga like that babe
If you 'bout it, come and ride it girl, f_ck around and have my baby, yeah
I love it when you fight back, think I might wife that
P_ssy got me going crazy



Bring it over here, need you now, bring it over here, I treat you right
You know that you want to baby, tell we what you gon' do baby
I got something that you need, baby please let me give it to ya
Ooh baby when I'm chilling with ya

Chilling with a n_gga but your clothes over there, chilling with a n_gga, got your booty in the air
Chilling with me, you won't wanna leave, when a n_gga go deep, I'mma make you sing
(Sing to me) You go, all them lames in your face
You ain't even gotta deal with them n_ggas, keep it real with a n_gga


So what's up?
The last thing I wanna do is pressure you, there's no pressure, just
Baby we've been kicking it all night, we've been vibing, it just feels right
So if you ain't got noting else to do, or if you cool with it, you should come chill with a n_gga

Hop up in the car, we ain't gotta go far
I know you wanna go, girl come chill
And I've been kissing on your neck
Rubbing on your thighs, don't it feel right?
(Chill with me, chill with me)
And now I got you thinking what, what if you give it up
Would he tear that p_ssy down, bet he beat that p_ssy up
Grabbing all that booty, still it's cute he thinking b_tt
Mind like probably but that body saying yup
She say come on, so we gon', we gon' play the crib
And if tomorrow never came she can say she did
I got her literally feeling a n_gga
So glad she came to chill with a n_gga

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