Passion - Trey Songz

Baby, I'm so sorry I'm late, it's been such a long day

I went to go get my nails done, I went shopping

And I'm in love with these shoes,

I can't wait for you to see me with them on

(You're welcome...)

I'm so happy to see you! Mwah!

(You're welcome...)

How's your day?

Come in, relax

Let your hair down, please for me, for me, for me

Ooh, you so fine, so happy you're mine

Your presence is a gift and I don't wanna waste no time

So tell me what you need and I got it

Material, is it physical, sexual, intellectual, let me know

Girl, I've been waiting all day and all night for you

to come and get right in my life and play a special part

And I'm giving you all my heart

Are you giving me yours? I'm asking (oh)

If you got me giving you the passion (oh)

Say that you'll forever be my baby (oh)

You know you got me feeling so crazy (oh)

Never want to think about the past, girl

'Cause you make me forget about my ex, girl...

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