4 Eva - Trick Daddy feat Jazze Pha

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, hehe (ladies and gentlemen)
This is yours truly T-Double, and umm first of all
I would like to introduce to y'all, one of my first cousins
He go by the name of Jazze Phizzel, Washingtonzel, c'mon

[Chorus: Jazze Pha]
If you want it you got it, foreva
(y'all put y'all hands together)
Baby this is no one night stand
(uh-uh, no way, no how, uh-huh, c'mon, c'mon)
If you need it you got it, whateva
(c'mon, mm-hmm)
Baby we can just fly away
(just fly away, fly away with me baby, c'mon)

[TD and JP ad lib]

[Verse One: Trick Daddy]
Now I ain't ever been a man with manners
But I, think I can handle, bein a lil' romantic
Now we can Crist' it up or Moet it
I can kick gangsta sh_t or get ghetto poetic
What's your name lil' momma, I'm T-Double
I been sent here by God, so I can look out for ya
And you gon' love what I got for ya
Tender lovin and care, anything your heart could spare
Look here, my demeanour may seem to scare ya
But baby I tell ya I ain't no ordinary n_gga
I'ma, a little Marvin Gaye, and Barry White, and Teddy P
Mixed in with a little Billy Dee
And this is a gentlemen's song
And little children, girls and boys, I'm sendin 'em home
When I say turn off the lights, y'all turn 'em off
I'm bout to deal with your issues while I get'cha right, c'mon

[Chorus w/ new Trick Daddy ad libs]

[Verse Two: Trick Daddy]
Leave me your number and I'll holla back
You prefer your pet name, nickname, no big thang girl, I'll call you that
Won't be no problem with no other woman
Cause you the one I chose, in other words, f_ck dem other hoes
And if a man, gon' be a man, are you really a wo-man
Is this really what you want, and is you sho'?
Are you ready to be committed?
Do you plan on spendin the rest of your life with a n_gga?
Have you even thought about it, weighed out all your options
Made your mind up with no doubt about it
If not, we oughta talk about it
But stick with it, don't let dem sick b_tches, talk you out it
Cause baby I'm in love wit'cha
And I couldn't stand to see you with another man, so
Dearly beloved, we gathered here today
Homey to marry and see a couple in thug matrimony

[Chorus w/ more new T-Double ad libs]

[Verse Three: Trick Daddy]
I need a woman that's down for me, one who'll love
respect and honor her n_gga, do it all no matter what
Just one lifetime - wouldn't be long enough
for us to be together, at least not for us
And if I'm ever in a jam, be there for me
And keep it real with a player cause you care for me
With no strings attached, when you rub on my back
Greasin my strap, kissin my neck baby I'm lovin that
I got this thang that I do with my tongue
I wanna do it to you, but it might make you cum
But it'll cure you of your back spasms
Have you floatin while your motion in your ocean gotcha backpedallin
And we can take it to another level
And get elevated, gettin way mo' creative
And you can slap me if it makes you happy
But if you scratch and bite me, that only shows me you like me
See, we can do big thangs
I make you scream my name and blame it all on the whip cream
And if you're down with me, I'll have you down and dirty
I do my thang for certain, just tell me if it's hurtin

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