N Word - Trick Daddy feat C.O., Deuce Poppito

I spit game wit the n word
brothers make slang for n word slang
I slang cane and others thangs for n word slang
and lease be the blame for n word n_gga

(Trick Daddy)
you know me n_gga
I don't know you my n_gga
here's what must go through my n_gga
go get with ya crew my n_gga
tell rush round here for I do y'all n_ggas
cause I'm straight chillin my n_gga
ex-con ex-dope dealer my n_gga
I ain't trippin but I'm chillin my n_gga
and I ain't scared of none of y'all n_ggas
I will count my flow right in front y'all n_ggas
I will kill ever one of y'all n_ggas
cock my 45 and go to gunning y'all n_ggas
I will ever one of y'all n_ggas


(Deuce Poppito)
I am off da my n_gga
smoking marijuana in the range my n_gga
getting brains
real n_ggas do things my n_ggas
we spittin flames with motherf_ckin thangs n_gga
I will take it to ya whole squad my n_gga
word to god my n_gga
I got ? but rather get hard my n_gga
? at the neighborhood park my n_gga
what you say young n_gga
slip n slide ain't got guns young n_gga
got funds young n_gga
dumb n_gga
get ya for motherf_ckin ones
and turn you news into none


yo my n_gga
I'm c.o. n_gga
you better slow yo roll my n_gga
and that's word to buddy roe my n_gga
so why should I give a f_ck about a ho n_gga
I'm a go get ya n_gga
I can get the ? to da floor (let em know ny n_gga)
that's how it go my n_gga
I'm go lock it down from the door my n_gga
that's fo sho my n_gga

(Trick Daddy)
and I got ya back my n_gga
everywhere I go I be strap
you bet my n_gga
and on top of that do be a ?
its all good you know I got stacks my n_gga
we rob banks my n_gga
and we are the only ones smoking stank my n_gga
we runnin through the b_tches that you cant my n_gga
f_ckin round with us we will leave you stank my n_gga

(chorus) - 2X

(Deuce Poppito)
whats up my n_gga
I'm bout to nut my n_gga
bout to but the gat to ya gut my n_gga
whats up I'm bout splash me a n_gga
bout mash me a trigga
I'm bout to blast me a n_gga
you shouldn't have played with my cock my n_gga
it smells like gun smoke my n_gga
you bout to bleed to ya death my n_gga
take ya last breath my n_gga
what you think this my n_gga
I will slide in ya crib
and put six in ya wig my n_gga
that's how we play my n_gga
with a a.k. hide in ya driveway my n_gga
you can run but you cant get away my n_gga
I'm go let the click spray my n_gga
from the shy to the m.i.a. my n_gga
slip n slide n_ggas don't play my n_gga


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