For All My Ladies - Trick Daddy feat Trina

For all of my ladies gettin money makin these n_ggas pay
All of them haters gonna hate you don't listen to what they say
To all of my ladies gettin money tryin to pay these bills
Make these n_ggas help you mommy make em keep it real

Gimme the keys to the Bentley that's right
Me and my girls goin out tonight
And i don't wanna fight tonight, give my bread up
Ain't nothing you can do when a women's fed up
And I'm fed up n_gga shut up n_gga
Go but you better keep my bread up n_gga
'Fore I find me a playa who will treat me better
D_ck me to sleep and eat me better
You want a b_tch who will f_ck ya and feed ya
Uh uh f_ck n_gga I don't need ya
And you ain't gotta love me or like me
And hell nah I don't wanna be your wifey
'Cause I'm a bad b_tch born to ball
And when you go to jail f_ck n_gga don't call
You want me to stay n_gga you gonna pay
Gimme that doe playboy don't play


I ain't finna cook, clean, babysit, or housekeep
Gimme twenty g's drop me on Southbeach
Let me shop til I drop spend til I faint
Burn up twenty get another ten out the bank
Let me show you how a hot girl get bread
All that f_ck me for free sh_t been dead
I need a playa in my life trillion dollars
That's gonna keep diamonds round my collar
Lil momma MIA's finest
The baddest b_tch call me Your Hinest
Slip N Slide on fire and you know that
I know you like the way Lil Momma throw that
I know you like the way Lil Momma shake that
Playa if you gotta bank I'm a break that
Miss Trina hottest thang on the south coast
I got these f_ck n_ggas trickin off their house note

[Chorus- twice]

These n_ggas will play if you let them
Promise you the world try to make you sweat em
If a n_gga got beef girl you better em
If a n_gga dead broke f_ck em and forget em
Move on to the big trick with the bigger d_ck
Get em off glass girl that will get em quick
Cause n_ggas ain't sh_t but some d_ck and balls
And I ain't got no love I'll trick em all
You got to get them before they get you
F_ck me for free I ain't with that sh_t boo
You got to treat them just like they treat you
If they want their d_ck s_cked make em eat you
Never let em beat you or mistreat you
Make em pay a bill before he freak you, uh
Cause money mean the world to me
And ain't in this motherf_ckin world for free UH UH UH

[Chorus- 4 times]

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