Gangsta - Trick Daddy feat Baby, Scarface

[Trick Daddy]
And the winner is, Trick Diesel
My n_gga Baby, ha ha
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta

You know me, 'T' double, you know I'm a G
Cuz I keeps it gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
gangsta, gangsta than a motherf_cker
But it was like you, you a p_ssy n_gga
But I keeps it gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
gangsta, gangsta than a motherf_cker

[Trick Daddy]
Went to a eight ball from a dime piece
Ship dat, flip dat, bought a nine piece in five weeks
Sh_t lookin' good but I think slammin'
Me and my dawg passed up bought a block and a half
Sellin' O's or betta clockin a fag
Bout four, five slugs and we was bustin' they ass
Gotta keep my bread in a safe place
We up with my hitchens in undisclosed locations
Hey yo I got the llello, you got the money
Try nothin' funny and I don't buy dummies
Every ounce betta bounce back
And every brick that I break up
It all betta flake up
And when that sh_t hit the waters
Sh_t go to ballin'
That dope all betta fall in
I bought coke back on 84
Back when wood used to get them bricks from the Birdo
And when I hit him I want to hurt him
And on cutlass I wanna hit it
They ass gon' feel it


Ay, ay, ay, ay
It's the kid wit the bricks taped up in the grill
Mmmm Hmmmm Cadillac that is
Wit that rag top bubbly E class burnin' rubber
You the number 1 stunna ma show a lil somthin'
Ay, ay roll a lil somethin'
Mmmm Hmmmm blow a lil somethin'
I got them thangs for a lil nothin'
If you got a lil money I'ma throw a lil somethin'
Bump this n_gga
Mmmm Hmmmm f_ck you n_gga
We aint from 'round here dumpin' on n_ggas
But ay Trick Daddy battle up for this n_gga
Well let me get to my hustle (hustle)
I got bricks, grams, and bundles (bundles)
I got ki's in the muffler
Birdman daddy CMB motherf_cker


Face mob, right back at ya
With O's like cookies I flip like spatulas
99.9 of the time I'm on the grind
Bricked up and breakin' em down
I got to admit the dope game gravy
3 zippers balled up you bring back 80
You learn to swell you might see double
Remember you can't sell bubble
So here it is fool
I play the game where its no rules
Givin' you lessons from the old school
You don't get high off your own supply
And when a motherf_cker cross you make sure he die
Make the next man know he got to think about the payback
This sh_t go deeper than me rapping or me say that
Ask my n_gga Trick Daddy, ask my n_gga Baby
Been like that since the early 80's


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