Get on up - Trick Daddy feat JV, Money Mark, The Lost Tribe

I'm sittin in tha cut, smokin on wha?
Hataz betta watch out for tha b_tt
I bring it to ya, wha? Bring it from ya head to ya wha?
Yea, I'm real wit it, n_gga wha? You wanna playa hate n_gga, wha?
Yea I'm Slip-n-Slide n_gga wha? You betta give a f_ck
Feel yo body penetratin' though ya gut
You betta come quick 'fo some n_ggaz come hatin', ya heard!!!
Before I get to burnin' ya, Slip-n-Slide turnin' ya

Queen cant be touched like hot potatoes
Every n_gga I know keep a glock for hataz
Let me know wha he doin' wit tha rocks
N_gga, let me know I'll run up in tha spot
Get me 2 steaks, a drank and lock down
Aint no visualizin', like me now
Queen like drank, gotta stand my ground
Back up off me wit tha hands I clown
Slip-n-Slide on tha dump, if you wanna know wassup
If you know like I know bet not f_ck

[Lost Tribe]
We got tha weed in tha tote, n_gga wanna deed, here I dont
N_gga bring tha B's for tha pump
Tribe comin' clean like a b_tch
We gon hit yo town for a lick
N_gga, we dont run we attack em
Then you can't splack em
N_gga outta line so we had to subtract em
We keep it real, while ya'll counterfeit
Throw a glass when I cant, then a sign ya get
We gon do ya like a pound we get
So you betta stay from round my sh_t
Slip-n-Slide put me on tha list

Miami, get on up!!! Atlanta, get on up!!!! Alabama, get on up!!!!
Mississippi, get on up!!! Houston, get on up!!! Carolina, get on up!!!
New Orleans, get on up!!! Chicago, get on up!!!

If you aint Slippin-n-Slide, how you ride?
You get yo head cracked open, when SS start collide
Whoa now, ay hold up boy, aint no thang
To get off tha chain and steal ya Jordans
Ya get a stain on ya brain from tha Southeast
Once ya getta d_ck and some nuts in ya mouth, eats n_gga
Aint no click like this one
That'll make a jealous n_gga wanna get a big gun
But it's too late cause we gon', my dawgs got tha AK, I got tha chrome
We finna chill at tha top like wha?
This game is a fat p_ssy finna get f_cked, its like tha n_gga

[Money Mark]
Slip-n-Slide til I die ass n_gga
Pull a n_gga hoe in tha fly ass Jetta
And f_ck on anotha
Stay smoked out, Money Mark stay loched out
Bicardi wit tha chokes out, hollerin folks out
When I go by hittin this, Slip-n-Slide aint no forgettin' this
Eatin' on b_tches cause I'm different
Pack Villangers, f_ck hoes that's willin ta
Give up tha guts and let em smoke til they feel tha nut
Skeelo, bad b_tches in Speedo's
And there will be no, where we go
See yo, doin what tha f_ck we wanna do
Bust slugs and join ya crew, so wha you gon do?


San Fran, get on up!!! Oakland, get on up!!!! Detroit, get on up!!!
Dallas, get on up!!! St. Louis, get on up!!!! Baltimore, get on up!!!
L.A. get on up!!! New York, get on up!!!

[Trick Daddy]
I'm into introducin' myself as tha greatest
No if, and buts or maybe's, unless you's a hata
So real n_ggaz gon die by days, while you hoe n_ggaz cry
Why you fussin n_ggaz lie?
Die by days, dont wanna hea about tha click you abound
You know a n_gga wit a Benz like mines?
Same color, same yea like mines
Same model, same red like mines
Every hoe I'm f_ckin, you don f_cked, bruh
And every bet I call, you matched ya 'lil s_cka
You got beef wit 'ol boy model
Well shave ya head and get gold teeth like 'ol boy
Peepin my D's galore, lovin these skeeza hoes
How do you suppose? New clothes to change ya hoe
You, f_ck n_gga, jus got to go, s_cka

Louisville, get on up!!! Robin Hood, get on up!!!!
Liberty City, get on up!!! Carol City, get on up!!!
Opalocka, get on up!!! 'Lil Haiti, get on up!!!
Overtown, get on up!!! Richmond Heights, get on up!!!
Purrine, get on up!!!! Ohhh, get on up!!!!
Seminola, get on up!!! Scott Projects, get on up!!!
Wentwood, get on up!!! Pork and beans, get on up!!!
22 Ave, get on up!!! 32 Ave, get on up!!!

Wont cha get on up!!! Get on up!!! Get on up!!!
Wont cha get on up!!! Get on up!! Get on up!!!
Get on up!!!! Wont cha get on up!!!! Get on up!!!!
Get on up!!! Get on up!!! Wont cha get on up!!!
Get on up!!! Get on up!!! Get on up!!! Wont cha get on up!!!!

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