K*ll Your A** - Trick Daddy

I'm a f_ck around and kill yo ass
I'm a f_ck around and kill yo ass
F_ck around and kill yo ass (say what)
I'm a f_ck around and kill yo ass

[Trick Daddy]
I'm having a supper with some lonely motherf_cker
Some little boney motherf_cker
You killed my homie motherf_cker
So what a real n_gga 'posed to do
Get ghost and kill every b_tch close to you
And you probley gone kill me if I ain't careful
Probley gone damn near me if I ain't careful
Now you f_cking with the wrong n_gga
I'll follow you home n_gga, ready to pull the motherf_cking trigger
Cause I ain't f_cking with nobody, owe nobody
Need nobody but my shottie
See all my ex-friends was ex-cons, most of them dead and gone
Therefore I'm ridding for 'em
I'm putting holes in you cocks_cker
I'm closing shop on your block with this glock s_cker
Won't be no serving on this corner
Won't be no hanging, swanging, swerving on this corner
I gives a f_ck about your homie
You can play crazy if ya want to, but ya p_ssy when I get up on ya
But when these blades go to chopping, n_ggas gone be dropping
And vertebras going to be rocking
And I'm a..


[Trick Daddy]
I gives a f_ck that you getting do
I gives a f_ck bout your hoe, gives a f_ck bout who she know
Ain't no joking in my game, don't get chained,
and slanged about my c_caine
I know some n_ggas, who want to smoke,
He want some hotter green and a quarter head for that coke
Won't be no jacking while I'm stacking
Won't be no slapping, no laughing, or no motherf_cking macking
Just me and my workers in a circle,
And ain't nobody and hiding 'round cause if they is I got to hurt ya
And if it's worth it we'll dirt ya,
I know ya strapped so I'm wait for I search ya
I know ya scared, and you gonna get it, and I can feel yo ass
Put this thing inside your head and I'm kill yo ass

(Chorus) x4

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