Play No Games - Trick Daddy

[Chorus - 2x]
I ain't really here to play no games girl
You already know my name yeah
Freaky deaky cause it ain't no thang yeah

[Trick Daddy]
You see the part of making busta ass n_ggas you been f_cking with
Always busting sh_t, but never talking sh_t
Any of us tell you don't think that a playa did it
And made you wear the life is more than a hell didn't it
Boy I tell you, and that's the deal with them real n_ggas
And stay far away from f_ck n_ggas
Don't be a s_cka at least not for nothing are you
S_cking and f_cking, a b_tch better have something
I need something that's compatible
Not nothing young and dumb and full of cum but wanna letable
I better, n_gga like T Double, get it wetter
S_ck her f_ck her better than the average n_gga
I need a girl that's into trying thangs
So I can put her into my frame, and land in the mind game
I know she's a mama girl and I'm a street n_gga
Once we get together, I bet you she'll sleep better

[Chorus - 2x]

[Trick Daddy]
Baby girl it's better to keep it thugged out
Ain't nothing like it when you, scratching and biting only gets me excited
She like, T Double why you f_cking with me
I done came three times and you still s_cking on the first titty
I'm like girl you better work it better
Like the full moon in June but pretty soon I'll be hurting it
Now turn around, let me calm you down
We go up and down, real n_ggas puts it down
I'm getting aquainted with the clitoris
I keep my hands to my sides, while I slowly spread the lips
I eats it up, 'fore I beats it up
The first quarter slow motion, second half, speed it up
Plus she already owe me one, she like
Nevermind, but this time we 69ing
I need my d_ck s_cked C.O.D.
This is T Double D I get my d_ck s_cked O.D.P.

[Chorus - 2x]

[Trick Daddy]
Being that I'm missing you, been having fantasies of kissing you
I get the picture, I piss you but what I'm suppose to do
Or could it be that I'm falling in love
Or a possibility I'm way too far for a thug
I'll never tease you, I'm here to please you
And baby girl believe it, girl I'll never leave you
I'll be your freaky deaky lover man
Making love forever trying all the god damn numbers
When we, rubbing and touching eachother
Oh my god it's getting hard and you getting wetter and wetter
It's getting better and better, wish it could last forever
But never never, nothing I ain't worried girl

[Chorus - 4x]

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