Run Nigga - Trick Daddy

{I thought all our problems were over}

Westcoast, we're not suppose to know better
I suppose we just suppose to let this sh_t happen, huh?
You mother f_ckers done lost y'all mind
Y'all done bumped y'all mother f_ckin head
Now there's got to be somethin done bout all this sh_t that's occurrin
I don't like it
I don't like it one mother f_ckin bit

Trick Daddy:

Free me
I've been captured by some demons
They drainin my blood
Taken samples of my semen
Got the nerve to call me crazy
Tappin all my telephones
Questioning my lady's
But I trained them every summer
Hope to ball and never fumble
Survive in the jungle
It stinks like Stevie Wonder
Rainy days, I'll be the thunder
No carma and no drama
So I gots to ask my mama
Yo, why Kenny left me starvin
Didn't daddy do his part?
She explained she had a heart
She did all that she could do; She kept her faith in god
{Its Hard}

Courus: x2

You better run n_gga
Do ya thang n_gga
Get off a chain n_gga
Cause you's a free n_gga
Run n_gga
Thang n_gga
Chain n_gga

I'm holding in my hand an original copy of the emancipation proclamation
Much to my dismay I noticed that Lincoln forgot to sign it
And that means technically I'm still a slave and you're still a slave owner

Tre+6 :

I rest around the roudy bout it g n_ggas
And n_ggas who wanna be known as thugs
Livin the life because they wanna boom in money and drugs
But ain't no love when they spray
Pray for them everyday
Cause they kill ya dead and take ya bread if you play with they late
To my dismay my n_ggas ain't no thugs
They some slaves tryin to runaway to a better day
And anything in they way, they gonna crush it
But if ain't about that flow then don't discuss it
Plopin and pumpin we off the chain and disgusted
Willin to die for anything, and that's official
Without or with you, pistol be government issued
With the scrached off word so the Tre would be observed
We serve, L-Ron f_ckin with nerve

Funk Boogie:

See no like myself
See I hear no, speak no, see no evil
Except for them demons that be by lookin like everyday people
Tryin to get up in my mindframe, stop me from doing my thang
See if I was a killa, y'all would hear my nine milli {WHAT} bang
But na that never was my skillo, Funk Boogie mostly just be like chillen
Dealin wit these crooked villains, standin ready like Freddie
Tryin to whoop a n_gga for somethin
That's why I'm on the rock so for sure they gets nothin
Except a n_gga asscrack, kiss it, runaway slave, that's the click
We set you free n_gga, break yourself from the clinch

Courus: x 2

Tre+6 :

Samba bring dead ain't got sh_t to live for
Talkin bout you real how you killed so
Scared to death, shakin like a dildo
Find something to live for
It's sad to see you with that slave mentality
Let me set you free, come follow my cracks ain't no lookin back
Better run like hell, for sure you'll end up dead, don't bump your head
Man I'm bout to make right for you and me
To my ghetto children, Be Free
See how life's suppose to be

Run n_gga
Thang n_gga
Chain n_gga

{It's over}
Run n_gga
What {it's over}
Thang n_gga
What {it's over
Chain n_gga
What {it's over}
{N_gga we runaway slaves}
{N_gga we runaway slaves and we ain't going back}

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