Suckin' Fuckin' - Trick Daddy

Silly b_tch is f_ckin me
S_ckin f_ck in you
S_ck and f_cked my whole crew
So whatsa a n_gga 'posed to do

See all my dogs is gettin cheese
Rollin D'd
They got them thangs from seventeen
Straight from overseas
Na show me sh_t I neva seen
Fullfill all my dreams
I put her down
They gimme cream
Na I'm on they team
Know what I mean
I'm representin
Realizin somthin missin
I'm on a mission
Want a million under these conditions
Which is
Marble tubs and gold dishes
The baddest b_tches
AK's fo my protection
Gotta gaurd my riches
I want the latest trends
The newest Benz
To rule his friends
To fly a plane wont be no thang then
Mosquino fo all my hoes
>From draws to robes
Valet parked around like Benz I steal the whole show
They got the Trick again
I wantsta f_ck they friend
S_ck that p_ssy then f_ckin beat that p_ssy in
She s_ckin f_ckin me
Wanna f_ck my whole crew
I'm thinkin like yo though
What's tha b_tch supposed to do


One day n_ggaz gon learn
How hoes really work
Lil silly jerk
Done got ya feelings hurt
Now was it worth
All that agony agony
Gettin mad at me
About ya boo
But she f_ckin me s_ckin Trick and lickin you
And doin my crew
So whatch gon do bout it
Huff and puff jump bad
N_gga I doubt it
Aint hard to fade
Get ya sh_t split real quick
N_gga you b_tchmade
Done fell in love scared of the truth
And if you only knew
She's doin it do it like the screw
Na see
She's tha type a girl ya die for
And when you dead
I'll be the type of guy she lie down for
And spread them legs
And gimme head
Show me all the kinky things she do
While you R.I.P. she's throwin it back thinkin bout you
Now when I'm through
Pass through my crew
She like it wit two
Or three or four
A lil gang bang with a low class hoe
She s_ckin f_ckin me
I really thought you knew
She wanted to f_ck my crew
Now what you wanna do


See all my b_tches got anotha n_gga
And all my n_ggaz got anotha b_tch
But why these n_ggaz are suggest to get these b_tches rich
I buy em sh_t
Half the time
Hell I line sh_t
Every hoes a lying b_tch
Sometimes they even find sh_t
Ya b_tch is beepin me
My b_tch is beepin you
And when we hop f_cked up gonna f_ck
We beat these b_tches too
These b_tches hard at first
But then they fall in
Dont ya know they call me the freaky freak of all freaks
I break these b_tches down
I make these hoes change
I sell these hoes game
F_ck with theese b_tches brains
Have em wanna leave they man
Kick em out and move me in
Juice them n_ggaz and they plan be to bring bread

She's one of the baddest b_tches
Animal she's off tha chain
See she's hard to tame
And aint gon change
N_gga don't wreck ya brain
Over no dame
Who pullin trains
And runnin game
See I know these hoes
And what they for
N_gga it's all the same
From these slimy sl_ts
And mangy mutts
They s_ck and f_ck
For one quick buck
And turn around and set you up
And sh_t
She s_ckin f_ckin me
Dont give a f_ck about you
She wanted to f_ck my crew
Now whatcha wanna do


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