Thump in The Trunk (Skit) - Trick Daddy

H: (Hater)
G: (Guy)

[2 n_ggas talking]

G: Damn dawg you got cha a donk huh?

H: Yeah boy, I'm trying ta, knock these n_ggas off out here boy
Put my sh_t in the game
Cause its some n_ggas out here
riding round out here with some crazy sh_t
I don't know what these n_ggas be thinking bout when they be putting they sh_t in the shop

G: Yeah

H: Yeah boy I'ma knock they d_ck down this time
Like ya boy sh_t
That n_gga sh_t ugly dawg
That n_ggas sh_t look crazy man

G: Who?, Who sh_t u talking bout?

H: Yeah boy, ya boy Trick man,
Man that sh_t, n_gga sh_t ugly dawg

G: Yeah

H: Oh! dang, there go ya boy right there boy

G: Yeah, yeah

H: What's happening dawg?
Yeah my n_gga Trick
I was just telling ya boy I gotta get my sh_t just like yours boy
What, what that is a candy on there man

G: Hold up my n_gga, you just said the n_gga sh_t was ugly dawg

H: Naw man, naw, naw, I was talking bout somebody else man
What's happening?

G: You just said the man sh_t was ugly
Now you switching dawg

(Trick Daddy rapping)
Yo, wuz up (wuz up)
You p_ssy n_ggas shut the f_ck up (shut up)
Put it up, cut it out
If the dash board ain't oaked out
Hey, yo, young chump
Why you got them lil' ass amps in ya trunk
That's why ya sh_t don't thump thump
And them rims to young for the donk

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