Give Me a Reason - Triple 8

Tell me why? (why)
u bothered coming back around
tell me what u really want from me
please dont lie (lie)
i know the rules by which u play
they were burned in 2 my memory
i used 2

used to believe everything u said thats b 4 i got 2 kno u
in a little while on the other side
always acting like i owe u
and when i think what could of been
its such a shame
but u see your not the same
if this aint a game
give me

give me a reason 2 want u back
i dont want u back
i do better by myself
give me a raeson
2 take a chance
cos i cant find a reason

tell me y (y)
shood i giv u another try
risk it all on somethin that wont last
u and i (i)
girl where right where we shood b
may b we shood leave it in the past
i used 2



the truth of it is im better of now that your gone
my lifes my own dont have 2 worry bout your carryin on
now your bak but it aint that easy
can u give me 1 good reason

(chorus x2)

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