Seeds - TV on the Radio

I know you eat your lovers when you sense that something isn't right
I hope that's over and you're letting him go
I always wondered what your gypsy heart would feel like
I got a feeling that you're letting me know
I told your sister that you're all I ever dream of
Your sister told me that I better move slow
And then she told me things I never could've dreamed of
And then she told me things I should not have known

[Chorus x2:]
Rain comes down like it always does
This time, I've got seeds on ground

Lay down your lantern, coat of arms, broken drums
And dance with me [x3]

I know you got your reasons when you're keeping your defenses up
It seems to me too much, try letting them go
The hips, two feet, the misses, and we knock each other senseless, love
We come together and we start to move slow
You've got me thinking that you're all I ever need now
I think I love you and it's starting to show
And if you haven't shown me all the things I never dreamed of
I do not think that I'd be missing you so

Now we face a choice of three
One is you; the other, me
Free as air is third, you see
It's all I wanna be

[Chorus x6]

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