Path Iii: Nova Persei vesania - Vesania

I am the Purity
like the aetheric specters
who ye become in dreams
deprived of reveries

I am the dweller
within the Light of darkness
and I have been moving with the One
through dimensions unknown
and terrible...

I am not allowed to tell thee of thy true I
however we traverse vast deep space
and journey the variety of times

the One and I
have visited worlds
moving around the Red Arcturus
and we dwelled
in the insectial bodies of philosophers
creeping pridefully on the surface
of the Fourth Moon...

how naught does the Earth
know itself about life
and everything which comes with
and how naught shall it know
for its own callmness

as for the Oppressor
I am unable to talk about...

ye on Earth
have involuntarily
felt its distant appearance
and acclaimed
the glittering light

for thousands of years
I have tried to face Him

in vain

I was held by the barrier
of my mortal bearer

this Night
I set out like Nemezis
carrying rightous
fiery and destructive

behold the sky above
in the distance of the Daemon Star

and I will rise as One
or as One shall never rise again
remaining an ever dweller
a Purity among the stars
yet beyond their venomous form...

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