Me, Myself And I - Vitamin C

Chorus :
I ain't got nobody that I can depend on
Just me, myself, and I
I ain't got nobody that I can depend on

You know he was the type who never left me alone
Until I really need to reach him on the telephone
He was nowhere to be found he's hanging out with the boys
Driving all around the city in his pretty new toy

Bridge :
Never gonna get it together
Never gonna make it much better
Should I stay or should I go because I really need to know
Or do I stick around and cry cause now it's time to say goodbye
[Please baby, please baby, baby, please baby]


Then there was the one who couldn't make up his mind
He's always checking every chickie at the check out line
He told me "baby I'm just looking but I never would touch"
Then I catch him with Alicia at the back of the bus



Just me, myself and I
I said me, myself and I
2-4-6-8, why don't you appreciate me
Adios amigo, bye-bye
[Please baby, please baby]
Me, me, me, that's the way it's supposed to be
[Please baby, please baby]
Can you believe this?


I said me, myself and I

[Chorus] till fade

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