Complete - Vivian Green

You love me incredibly, from my head to the soles of my feet
You know you make me complete, baby
And you love me outstandingly
Can?t contain it need a moment to breath
Keep on loving me, baby
[Verse 1]
What a blessing, how you found me
How you conquered me
And showed me showed me so much
Just how it should be
Sometimes I wake up when you?ve sleeping
Just to watch you dream
I kiss your eyelids and tell you thank you
For this reality
[Verse 2]
When you?re away from me I wait anxiously
Sometimes I barely sleep
Cause I?m just so used to you being wrapped up in you in between our sheet
I?m so excited for the future, what we?re gonna be
I?ve got this glow everyone knows someone is
Loving me
Oh you do something to me
When you look in my eyes
The very touch of you brings me life
It?s the ultimate crazy stuff
Just amazing love? keep it coming to me cause

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