Fame - Vonray

Work hard all your life. Gain a friend or two
'cause you know you might just need them
If your dreams are real.
Take time for yourself - find a special place
Or a time where they won't find you,
Something they can't steal.
Come in, have a chair. Man we love your sound
Yeah we love your hair. Come on boy,
Can you fill these shoes?
Step back, take a look. You could rule the world
With your style, your hooks. Come on boy,
You just can't refuse.

Oh yeah here it comes.
Take a little more than the people give you.
Oh yeah, livin' like a game.
Oh no, there it goes.
Where is all the love that the people showed you?
Oh no where is all this fame?
I've seen the good times.
The limousines and cigars and fine wines
That only lead to the scars and hard times
That seem to come my way.
Payin' dues is a hard life.
Give a little more to the people who have made you.
What you are today.

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