I'll show you - Vonray

I can see right through this veil
Thinly strown across your face
Whisper something in my ear I only need a trace

I can only read your mind
When you look into my eyes
A little deeper and we?ll find
What we?ve both been looking for

Why are you hiding
Behind all this silence
I just need some time

If you would give me a chance I?ll show you
If you would take me away I?ll go with you
Until the end of days
Where no one else listens to a word you say
I?ll show you

I can feel you by my side
Every time that you?re away
The only way I can survive
Another empty day

I take a sigh of sweet relief
As you walk into the room
As you enter I?m complete
Gone tomorrow, all to soon

A change in the season
Gives me a reason
To keep it alive


If you?d give me some time
I?d make it alright around you
If you?d give me a chance
To open your hands


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